Use Case: Full size growing areas

Area: full size grow space 4.5-5.0’ x 4.5-5.0’ (1.37 -1.52 meters x 1.37-1.52 meters)

Number of Plants: 2-4 large or 9 small to medium flowering cannabis plants

Desired Yield per Harvest per Fixture: 16 to 30 ounces

Any garden roughly 4.25 feet square and above can accommodate a full 4’X4’ flood tray. A standard 4’X4’ flood tray will not fit into a 4’X4’ space since a standard flood tray is 4’X4’ at the bottom but flares up and is actually larger than that at the top. A 4’X4’ flood tray will allow the canopy to entirely fill a larger space such as a 5’X5’.

For this full size garden you will want an LED grow light that is equivalent or more powerful than a 1000 watt HPS. The PhytoMAX 800 meets this requirement and more. It has been proven at a commercial level to out-produce a 1000 watt HID lamp both grams per watt and in terms of overall yield. All while saving electricity and reducing cooling needs and eliminating bulb changes.

The PhytoMAX 800 is powerful enough to impress any indoor gardener and is designed to more than replace a 1000W HPS, the PhytoMAX 800 will provide larger yields than traditional HID lighting. Combined with much higher quality courtesy of the proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® with ultraviolet and infrared, 1000W HPS lights can’t touch the results provided by the PhytoMAX 800. The generous and evenly-covered 5’x5’ flowering footprint or 7’x7’ veg footprint allows you to grow more plants than with any other manufacturer’s LED grow light!

Black Dog LED builds on their more than 5 years’ experience designing and selling the worlds’ best LED grow lights to offer the PhytoMAX 800.

Key Features

  • 800 watts actual power draw
    • Based on the diodes in the light, other LED grow light manufacturers would call this a “1710W” light
  • Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) are included in the true full-spectrum coverage
  • Generous 5’x5’ flowering footprint
  • No hot spots- the PhytoMAX 800 is designed to distribute light evenly over the entire growing footprint from edge to edge
  • Only heavy-duty, commercial-grade components are included in the sturdy metal housing
  • The LED grow light industry’s largest heat sinks maximize heat dissipation
  • Active cooling is provided by ultra-quiet fans rated for 70,000 hours of life
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Metal-geared 8 foot ratcheting light hangers included
  • Designed in the USA!



  • 342 high-power 5W diodes
  • 21” x 21” x 7”
  • 50 pounds
  • 5’ x 5’ flowering footprint
  • 7’ x 7’ veg footprint
  • Includes Black Dog LED’s exclusive Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® including UV and IR diodes among the 13 different colors
  • Designed to work almost everywhere in the world, the PhytoMAX 800 accepts 100-277 volts AC at 50-60 Hz


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  1. Mike says:

    Hi. How much is phyto max 800? Can I get it in Canada. EDMONTON. Alberta?

  2. Dale Cox says:

    Thanks. What a help

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