Use Case: Large growing areas

Area: large grow space 5.0-5.5’ x 5.0-5.5’ (1.52-1.68 meters x 1.52-1.68 meters)

Number of Plants: 2-4 large or 9 medium flowering cannabis plants

Desired Yield per Harvest per Fixture: 24 to 40 ounces

If you are growing on a truly large scale the larger the light the better. This is due to the economies of scale of building large LED grow lights. You can pay less per watt for larger lights and attain the large yields required for commercial operations to be profitable.

Simply put the PhytoMAX 1000 is in a class by itself when it comes to power output. This light is 1015 watts of power which makes it hands-down the largest LED grow light in the world. This light is capable of producing more than any single bulb fixture in the world including 1200 watt+ DE HPS fixtures. If there was a competing HPS bulb it would need to be over 1300 watts to keep up with the PhytoMAX 1000.

Building on Black Dog LED’s extensive industry-leading experience designing and selling the best LED grow lights in the world since 2010, the PhytoMAX 1000 is the most powerful LED grow light available. Out-yielding all HID lights including the 1200W DE HPS bulbs while simultaneously increasing quality, if you want to maximize yield and quality the PhytoMAX 1000 is the best grow light in the world!

The huge 5.5’x5.5’ flowering footprint allows you to grow more plants with one light than ever before, while still increasing quality. Backed by Black Dog LED’s limited lifetime warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee, you can purchase a PhytoMAX 1000 with confidence.

Key Features

  • The world’s most powerful grow light!
  • 1015 watts actual power draw
    • Based on the diodes in the light, other LED grow light manufacturers would call this a “2205W” light
  • True full-spectrum light including ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR)
  • Huge 5.5’x5.5’ flowering footprint
  • Designed to evenly spread light from edge to edge over the entire footprint and eliminate hot spots
  • Only heavy-duty, commercial-grade components are included in the sturdy metal housing
  • The LED grow light industry’s largest heat sinks maximize heat dissipation to ensure the longest-possible life for the LEDs
  • Ultra-quiet fans rated for 70,000 hours of life provide active cooling
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Metal-geared 8 foot ratcheting light hangers included
  • Designed in the USA!



  • 441 high-power 5W diodes
  • 21” x 21” x 7”
  • 53 pounds
  • 5.5’ x 5.5’ flowering footprint
  • 8’ x 8’ veg footprint
  • Includes Black Dog LED’s exclusive 13-color Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® with UV and IR diodes providing full coverage from 365-750nm
  • Accepts 100-277 volts AC at 50-60 Hz to work almost everywhere in the world!


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