There are numerous LED grow light manufacturers you can consider when looking at LED grow lights. However if you look for a few key things you will quickly see the difference between the best company to buy your LED grow lights from and the rest. Some things to consider when reviewing companies are:

Time in Business: How long has the company been making and selling LED grow lights to buyers? Over the past 4-6 years an endless parade of new Led grow light manufacturers have tried their hand at selling LED grow lights. The majority of these companies just buy pre-made lights from overseas and never truly learn what it takes to make a leading and advanced LED grow light. All too often this results in growers who have lights with issues and the company that sold them is gone and no one is going support those products.

Proof: How much proof can you find that the lights do what you want in the garden? Can you find videos, images, grow journals, etc.? If a company has been around and sold lights for even a little while they should have successes with their lights documented and you should like what you see. If you cannot find any proof online or others using the lights through your local growing community then you should make sure to do your diligence.

Support: Does the company offer a solid warranty and even a return policy so that if not satisfied you can return the light? If a company is selling a quality product that works well they should not hesitate to stand behind that product and their claims. Try calling the company and asking some gardening questions to see what their knowledge level is of their product and also what kind of an organization you would be dealing with if you have questions after buying your LED grow light.

Honesty: If a company promises something too good to be true, then it probably is. There are still plenty of companies selling LED grow lights that are making claims that just aren’t possible to meet. Claims such as 600 watt or less LED grow lights that will match a 1000 watt HPS light in terms of yield. These sort of claims are what doom many indoor gardeners to failure when trying LED grow lights in their own gardens. Their expectation is completely unrealistic and when they finish growing with the lights they cannot help but be disappointed. A good LED grow light company will be honest about their lights performance and will base this on research, field testing, and science.

Science: Growing plants indoors is a science and requires significant knowledge about many areas such as nutrient management, environmental control, as well as numerous skills. Understanding lighting down to the wavelength is not something most gardeners strive for. Companies manufacturing LED grow lights should be experts in growing with artificial lighting. Look for a site with complete and real science note marketing hype. Understanding of not only the science but how to do research is critical in developing an efficient light that performs well in the real world.

Different Models for Different Gardens: In a commercial gardening environment you often want a light that is the equivalent of a 1000 watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) bulb. If you have more specific needs and limitations like a home gardener you may need different sizes of LED grow lights so it is best to look for a company that offers enough different models of lights to accommodate your needs if necessary.



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